We are aware that every aspect of our lives and the consumer choices we make has a carbon footprint, from the food and drink we consume daily (global agriculture has a terrifyingly large carbon output, and buying local does not always equate to being the low carbon choice), the technology we use in our homes, how we heat those homes, the pets we keep, and the holidays we choose to take.

As consumers, of everything from food to holidays, we need to take personal responsibility for our actions. We know that some of our guests are choosing to travel by rail rather than air to join us, but we would urge all of our guests to consider donating to the World Land Trust by way of helping to offset the emissions that relate to the travel involved for their holiday.

We also support proactive conservation. All of our holidays generate donations to the European Butterfly Group and the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, specifically to be used for supporting research and education. We are proud that our tours today will help to fund the training of the conservationists who will make a difference to the world of tomorrow.

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