Just a week after our launch at Global Birdfair, we're already getting pretty excited. We're passionate about wildlife, we love sharing it with our guests, and we can't wait for the first tours to begin in early 2024.

But we'd like to spread the love a little! We only get to launch once, so we'd like to make it special for our guests too. That's why we're offering a special one-off discount of £100 off the listed price of all of our overseas tours, for any booking made before 1st December 2023.

Fancy a week of wandering olive groves carpeted with orchids in Rhodes, or exploring alpine meadows dancing with butterflies in the French Alps? Or any of the other many holidays we've got lined up for 2024? Provided you book before 1st December 2023 we’ll subtract £100 from the balance due - and you'll see this clearly on the account statement we will email following your reservation.

Have a look at our portfolio of tours for next year and see if there's something that takes your fancy!

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