We're coming up for six months since Mariposa took flight into the world, and we thought now was a good time to take a moment to reflect on our journey to date. Like a migrating Monarch butterfly, we've come a long way!

We'd like to start by saying a big thank-you to all of the guests who've already chosen to book their 2024 wildlife holidays with us - many of you already know us well from previous wildlife adventures we've shared, and it's lovely to have your support. We don't take it for granted! And we're delighted to see new names booking with us too - we look forward to meeting you all in due course, and can't wait to see what we can find together in some of the most beautiful regions of Europe.

Winter may be a quiet time for butterflies, but it's also a time for laying some plans. We're already busy planning some reconnaisance trips for next year - we never take guests on a tour without trying it for ourselves first, ensuring we're happy with the sites we'll visit, and the standard of the accommodation at which we'll stay. We're firm believers in building good relationships with our local suppliers, and like to support small, local businesses wherever we travel - these positive relationships mean we can be confident our groups will always be well looked after. Our 2024 reconnaisance trips will, we hope, prove successful on all fronts and we'll have some news about exciting new tours for 2025 to share in due course.

And we know that, of course, you may be thinking about where to go and what you'd like to see next year. There's still plenty of time to go before the main butterfly season kicks off in earnest in the spring, so we thought we'd offer something to banish the winter blues in the meantime - and what better than the prospect of a butterfly holiday to look forward to?! We're offering £50 off all of our week-long 2024 holidays provided the booking's made before 1 April 2024.

That offer's time limited, but our commitment to supporting two brilliant wildlife conservation charities has no such constraints. We're very proud to support the European Butterflies Group branch of Butterfly Conservation, and the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, and will be making donations to both after every individual butterfly and botany tour, respectively, that we run. Your holidays with us today will help to support the proactive butterfly and botany conservation of tomorrow.

And that's all from us for now. You'll find us posting regularly on all the usual social media places and, most importantly of all, we're always just an email or a phone call away if you've any questions whatsoever about a tour you may be interested in. We love to talk wildlife, and we'd love to hear from you.

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