Where do you fancy your travels taking you next year?

Maybe you'd like to look for orchids on a warm, flower-filled Mediterranean island in the spring, enjoying delicious Greek or Sicilian food every evening. Perhaps you'd like to wander alpine meadows, woodland tracks and lakeside margins in some of the most unspoilt corners of Europe in search of butterflies. Maybe seeing flamingos massing in breeding plumage on the saltpans of Southern France, or watching Carpathian Brown Bears foraging oblivious to your nearby presence in a Transylvanian forest is more your thing. Maybe all of the above, and more besides?

Our full portfolio of week-long tours for 2025 is now available here on our website. The tour calendar is a quick and convenient way of browsing through them, or you can search by destination, or by category - Botany, Butterflies, General Wildlife etc.

As you'll see, there are tours to suit all tastes running from early February right through to late September 2025. We hope there's something there that takes your fancy.

This week, the start of July, we celebrate our first birthday! We've been operating for a year now, our 2024 tours have run smoothly, and our guests have seen some wonderful things.

That should come as no surprise, really – we’ve individually been leading tours for a great many years now, and we know what makes a tour work well for guests – organisation and good communication is as important as site and wildlife knowledge, as is building strong relationships with our accommodation providers and, of course, with our tour leaders. The latter are crucial to the success of a tour – we believe it’s vital that our tour leaders are as good with people as they are with wildlife.

Most important of all, though, is building trust and confidence with our guests. Many of those who’ve travelled with us this past year have travelled with us before, and we hope that means they feel they’re in safe hands doing so again. We’d like to thank them particularly for placing their trust in us once more. We’re delighted to see that many of those who’ve travelled with us for the first time in 2024 have already booked tours with us again in 2025 – that’s a vote of confidence, so thank you to them too. We’d like to hope that the Mariposa Nature Tours family will grow as the years ahead roll by.

We hope you'll join us in 2025, and we've an early bird booking offer which might help to make your holiday decisions a little easier. All of our week-long tours qualify for a £125 early bird booking discount if booked before 30 November 2024. Guests who’ve already travelled with us, of course, also enjoy a further automatic £50 loyalty discount off their week-long holidays.

Those discounts will be subtracted, as applicable, from the listed price of the tours on the website after you place a deposit to secure your tour booking, and will be reflected in the statement we’ll send you confirming the booking. We only ask for £150 deposit when you book a holiday, so now’s a good time to have a think about where you fancy going next year, secure your place, and get on with enjoying what’s left of the summer!

It’s also a good time to reiterate that we’re delighted to be committed to donate money after each botanical tour to our friends at the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland (BSBI), and after each butterfly tour to the European Butterflies Group branch of Butterfly Conservation, to be channelled specifically towards supporting research and education. We are proud that your tours today will help to fund the training of the conservationists who will make a difference to the world of tomorrow.

If you’ve any queries about any of our tours, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line – we’re just a phone call or an email away, and we promise we love to talk!

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