David Fairhurst

For as long as he can remember, David has been passionate about birds and wildlife. This has led to a varied career in conservation, mainly working for the RSPB, and leading wildlife tours in Europe and beyond.

His work has taken him all over the UK, from studying Wood Larks in Dorset to tour leading in Shetland, and in recent years he has been at the heart of the RSPB’s reserve creation work on the Suffolk coast. Further afield, David has been involved in conservation projects as varied as studying Griffon Vultures in Israel to the restoration of fragile ecosystems in the Seychelles. He has travelled widely in pursuit of birds and other wildlife, including trips across Europe, South Africa, and Chile.

David lives on the Suffolk coast with his wife and two daughters. He is not only an exceptional birder, currently serving as a member of the British Birds Rarities Committee, but is also an accomplished all-round naturalist with boundless enthusiasm and humour, and is a perennially popular tour leader with those fortunate to travel with him.

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