Richard Bate

Richard is a father of three, botanist, photographer and wildlife tour guide based near the South Lakes. His particular interest is in orchids, and this has led him to develop an expertise in the species of Britain and Europe.

Originally from the Midlands, Richard’s enthusiasm for wildlife was strongly influenced by living on the outskirts of Sutton Park but his passion for botany was ignited by a chance encounter with a Bee Orchid on the Blue Lias clay of south Warwickshire just before his sixth birthday. An interest in photography soon followed.

Eventually settling in Morecambe Bay, he and his family have found themselves in a botanically rich area home to rare orchids, alpines and ferns - with plenty of great areas to walk and sights to see.

Richard is keenly active on social media and a member of the Wildflowerhour team in connection with the BSBI. It is through this activity that Richard has contributed to a number of publications, as well as working in conservation of rare species and providing advice to charities and trusts. He also works with the North West Rare Plant Initiative, overseeing rare species management plans and reintroduction projects.

In his spare time, Richard is a dental surgeon whose scope of practice includes the provision of implants and orthodontics. He also breeds indoor Maine Coon cats with his wife, Rebecca.

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